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Esmoeprazole which has the brand name Nexium is a drug which is use to treat heart burns and various gastro-intestinal disorders. This drug reduces the formation of gastric acid. Doctors usually recommend this drug for the treatment of acid reflux. This drug is also used for treatment of duodenal and gastric ulcers. Since acid reflux has become a very common problem these days, this drug is gaining popularity because of its high effectiveness and its easy availability.

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They explain the precautions of this medication. For instance, patients with kidney or liver diseases should consult a physician before taking this medication. They offer a product description along with the steps one should take in case of overdose or a missed dose. Along with the possible side effects one might encounter after taking Nexium, these website also explain customers about the interaction of Nexium with other drugs. For instance, people taking drugs for HIV/AIDS should consult a physician before taking Nexium because they can interact to cause a reaction.

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